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Using Joomla Content Editor and its extra plug-ins

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Joomla Content EditorEven though the version for Joomla 1.6.x is still under development and quite broken, in places, I thought a word about the free ‘Joomla Content Editor’ (JCE) and the extra package available, for a small extra fee, may be useful to Joomla developers, who haven’t yet discovered it.

Anyone not currently using this powerful free content editor, should seriously consider it (at least for Joomla 1.5.x installations).

This was originally a reply to a forum request for a Joomla user to allow his site visitors (or some of them) to upload images with captions. It is a family re-union site.

I had told him about JCE that  “It’s free but, if you pay a small ($30) subscription fee, you get all the extras, including a caption plug-in and a great light-box system called MediaBox, a powerful media manager, a file manager etc. The extras aren’t totally free, as is JCE, itself, but the subscription is really cheap.”

When he replied, asking for more information, I answered, as follows:

JCE Toolbar

JCE Caption ManagerThe JCE caption plug-in will allow that. Once permissions are configured correctly (JCE Group Layout), the user will see extra ‘Insert/Edit Caption’ and ‘Delete Caption’ buttons, in the editor toolbar, which will become active, when an image is selected in the WYSIWYG screen. N.B. You can also make the buttons only visible to a specific user group or groups, which allows you to deny them to certain users, if you want.

Each caption can be powerfully configured with alignment, padding, margins etc on both the text, itself, and the container. The former can be configured also for color, font etc. and the latter for border, background color etc. Both can also be set to custom class styles etc. One can even set the defaults for most of these parameters.

JCE Image Manager Extended



Using JCE’s powerful ‘Image Manager Extended’ (part of the extras) and the caption plug-in, I believe that all your requirements (&much more) are achievable. Scaled images can even be easily linked to their originals, to show up in a lightbox-style pop-up, using the ‘JCE MediaBox’,which also comes with the extras.

There’s more, but you have to see for yourself. If you decide to go this route, please let me know what you think. After all, This is only my opinion.

BTW In case you are wondering, I am only a satisfied customer of JCE and am not in any other way associated with them, even though I’m satisfied enough to sound like I’m a salesman for them đŸ™‚

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