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Web Development

The starting point for designing a new web-site

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Build a web-site

Well, of course, if you’ve been living on Mars, for many years and are not familiar with the way in which sites are constructed, you should first become familiar with the Web, checking out which sites work well and which seem to have features and/or design, that you would like to see your own site emulating.

Many people consider, first, graphics or the content. Sometimes, they even think of the gadgets, like video and sharing modules, but this is not the best place to begin.Structure

Forget the details and think of the structure.

Can you think, also, about the structure of the site. This is even more important to consider, before starting construction, than the graphics and certainly more important than the content in detail. By structure, I mean what pages – articles and other items, like contact page, web links page etc., that there will be. This will be, generally, reflected in the menu system and this is what I mean by ‘structure’. This becomes the sort of blueprint for my work.Blueprint

Some (hopefully) helpful advice.

There should be a very few ‘top-level’ items, with names such as ‘Home’, ‘Concepts’, ‘Services’, ‘Store’, ‘Contact’, ‘FAQs’,  ‘Tools’, ‘Location’ etc. etc. You can get ideas from other web-sites, such as mine. I have on my site, at the moment, for example,six items –  ‘Home’, ‘Over Ons’, ‘Producten & Diensten’, ‘Gereedschap’, ‘Veelgestelde Vragen’ and ‘In de Pers’.

Under these top-level menu items, can be sub-items. On my site, for example, under ‘Over Ons’, can be found ‘Over de Bedrijf’, ‘Contact met ons’ & ‘Website Ontkenning’. At the third level, each of these has a number of sub-items. On my site, ‘Over de Bedrijf’ has six menu sub-items, under that. You can have as many sub-items as is logistically sensible, under any higher-level item and you can have as many levels as you want – but 3 is probably best, for maximum.

You can also think in terms of Sections, each containing Categories. Each Category would have multiple items. So an article describing your store, called ‘Description of Store’, may be in a Category called ‘Descriptions’, which, in turn, is in a Section called ‘Store’. Other Categories  in the ‘Store’ Section, may be ‘Products’ and ‘Prices’. Other Sections may be ‘Company Information’,  ‘Services’ etc. These are just examples, of course. You know your own needs and ideas.

Structure is certainly the most important thing to think about, in advance, as it will be the skeleton, around which the site will be constructed.

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