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Social Networking and Twittering

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I get a lot out of social networking. It’s not only meeting old acquaintances, I wouldn’t have otherwise been in contact with (sometimes after 30 or 40 years), but also with the sharing of information, both personal and professional.

Because I am running a company and am always looking for more customers, it is sensible for me to be very public – it’s free advertising. Otherwise I would be like a shop that has no premises or web-site.  However, I mostly think twice – even 3 times – about everything that I do make public. Many people think that, by marking information as ‘private’ on social networking sites, it is actually private.

There is no such thing as ‘private’ on the Internet. If you wouldn’t go around a party, telling it to everyone you meet, then don’t put it on the Internet – AND  that includes e-mails! Privacy is dead – get over it!

A friend has lumped Twitter in with other social networking sites as something she ‘hates’. Let’s get this clear. Twitter is NOT social networking. It is the world’s easiest way to publish small pieces of information. It is unrestricted, unregulated and everything works by opt-in – not opt-out – so nothing happens if you don’t ask for it. It could not be simpler to use and everything is clear and above board.

You can follow my professional twittering on  and my personal tweets on . I share the most fascinating information and opinion, I assure you. :-\)

I really love publishing my words and images. This is the beginning of something new for me –  an opportunity to do what I always wanted to. What’s great is that I don’t care if anyone reads it and if they do, who. In the future everyone will not be famous for 15 minutes – there’s not enough time in the world – instead, they will become famous for 15 people!

Also, you can follow my (mostly professional) blogs on . I can also be found as tarotray on and . In addition, I often post very interesting opinionated stuff on places like and a lot of professional forums and clubs, too.

Perhaps, for those who cannot really grasp the difference between private and public, it’s best to stay away from this sort of technology and use the browser  just as a sort of one-way, tv-like viewer. You click. You get information and ‘edu-tainment’. A lot of the over-thirties – do just that – and there’s nothing wrong with it.

However, I am fully aware that younger folk think, for example, that e-mail is just for the old-fashioned older generation, like their teachers and parents. The web-browser and the mobile smart-phone is all they need to keep in touch with each other, in any one of a multitude of interlinked multimedia streams.

Me – I’m like Peter Pan: I never grow up so I try to keep up with all these social/technological changes.

Fun! It’s the best – and I couldn’t begin to tell you what all this will do, good and bad, for mankind, for me – and even for you –  though you (and most of mankind) probably don’t know it, yet. The technological future is mind-blowing….. ;-))

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